Spring 2017 PMSL



The fees will be the same for every PMSL & Open league game, no matter where you play in the state.
It is your responsibility to have the exact amount for each referee.
A good way to do this is to have a separate envelope for each referee and the assistant referee.
Referees do no make change.
The amounts listed below are based on each team paying for ½ of the referee fee and the total fee for one assistant referee.
----------U13 & U14    Ref=$17     AR=$23     total each team=$40
----------U15 & U16    Ref=$20     AR=$30     total each team=$50
----------U17 to U20    Ref=$25     AR=$35     total each team=$60
NOTE: If your team is playing an older PMSL or Open league team the referee fees, game duration and ball size are for the older age group.
NOTE: If your team is playing a crossover game with a SCSCL team the referee fees will be based on the SCSCL fee chart.


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